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Thank you for visiting our website. Northeast Montana Health Services is a medical facility in Wolf Point & Poplar, MT. Our team of doctors and nurses is ready to offer emergency medical services and standard care. We offer lab tests, OB-GYN care, radiology and 24-hour emergency services.

Please use the form on this page to schedule an appointment. Or you can call 406-653-6500 to speak with someone directly.

Phone Directory

Human Resources: 406-653-6582
Medical Records (HIM):
Wolf Point (406) 653-6401 or 6503
Poplar (406) 768-6108 or 6178


Poplar (406) 768-6160
Wolf Point (406) 653-6589
Patient Accounts/Business Office: 406-653-5523
Wolf Point Pharmacy: (406) 653-6572
Poplar Pharmacy: (406) 768-6147
Rehab Department: 406-653-6409
Radiology: 406-653-6538


Wolf Point 406-653-6517
Poplar 406-768-6120
Surgical Department: 406-653-6540
Listerud Clinic: 406-653-2150
Riverside Clinic: 406-768-5171
Trinity Hospital: 406-653-6500
Poplar Community Hospital: 406-768-6100
Faith Lutheran Home: 406-653-1400